Are you looking into having an awesome adventure with the kids? Get away from screen time and make some memories that don't break like plastic toys from China.  Avoid airport stress and enjoy the freedom, adventure and flexibility a campervan holiday offers. Pack light and leave all the junk and stress at home.

See below for some top tips and benefits of a campervan holiday. Also check out our Customer Reviews!


top tips when hiring a campervan with the family

  • Pack light - Yes you will need things for all weathers, as this is Britain, (Unless you are going abroad) but most camp-sites have washing machines on site. Pack a washing line or length of thick string & pegs to make a temporary clothes line or just let the kids get dirty for an extra day - it's your holiday too! Giving you more  room to pack fun stuff.......
  • Be Flexible - ensure you allow plenty of time so that your journey's are not frantic. Maybe stop over en route or change your plans depending on the weather or traffic.
  • Food - It's a good idea to have a few basics ready so you don't have to go straight off to the supermarket. Personally we normally take breakfast, fruit and snacks with us and eat out the first night of arrival. We often bring some preprepared chilli con carne or bolognese so that we just need to make rice or pasta so it is not BBQ meat every night. 
  • Hire a bike rack - Great to be able to just take off on your bike and explore as a family. You could even send the kids off on an errand to the camp-site shop, while you relax in the sunshine with a glass of something cold.
  • Pack fun stuff -  There maybe rain so make sure you have age appropriate board games. A pack of cards, Dobble & Uno go down well with my lot and don't take up much room. Don't take too much as you are not trying to recreate clutter for a kids play room in a campervan. This won't feel like you have got away!
  • Roll out Awninghiring this gives you a bit of extra space, shade if its hot and cover if its raining. We often throw a blanket or towel under and the kids play games on that, while we sunbath and read a book...Bliss!

If you have any questions about hiring a campervan from us please get in-touch. All our staff at LokoCampers have families and we are very happy to help make your next family adventure run as smoothly as possible.


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