At LokoCampers we may be biased to say that camping in a VW California Campervan the night before a sporting competition gives you an edge. We are delighted that we are supporting Eurocycles team rider DKS cycling in the British National Mountain Bike Cross Country Series 2017. 

It was a great result for DKS in round 3 his summary below! Sporting events are a full family affair with events for children and adults and a VW California campervan provides just the right comfort and convenience.

BRITISH CYCLING HSBC NPS 3 - Aske Estate in Richmond, Yorkshire 13-14 MAY 2017

"The NPS seem to be coming around quickly this year and on the weekend of 13th-14th May we found ourselves pitched up at HSBC British Cycling NPS Round 3 at Aske Estate North Yorkshire. A very beautiful part of the world.
The weather was on the chilly side but in that part of the world you’ll take ‘cold and dry’ over ‘warm and wet’ every time.
We are all getting used to the format of the weekend now. The kids, Arne and Freddie, ride on Saturday while I race Sunday. A slightly different format for the children’s races this time with a series of two and three up short laps pitching them against one another a few times. Huge range of age and ability at the under 8 level so this has to handled carefully in order to maintain the motivation of all. It seemed to go well and everyone seemed to enjoy it and it was all smiles and tired children at the end.
The course for my event was hilly and steep – quite tough, with some nadgery technical sections. I brought the hardtail and was instantly regretting it. it suited the climbing but the ground was just so hard from lack of rain that I was being rattled to pieces. Still, nothing I could do at this point. Climbs suit me and I was looking forward to the race.
The rain came as it mostly does in Yorkshire, and it poured overnight for most of the night. We awoke to a very grey day. It shows just how dry it has been recently that even several hours of rain hardly affected the track – it remained hard and dry, with just a couple of natural wet and softer spots around.
I had a good race – went as well as I could and managed to ride consistently over 5 laps – I finished in my highest position in the NPS so far – 10th place. Very happy with that and just goes to show the difference a course can make. Looking forward to Round 4 – again in North Yorkshire but this time on the famous World Cup Course at Dalby. I was 17th there last year.
For the record we had 5 bikes and two extra sets of wheels in/on the Cali this trip. Impressive!"

David King-Smith RIBA
On behalf of 5plus Architects

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