We do love the winter*. Bundled up in big coats, scarfs and hats feeling alive as your toes and fingers feel the chill. You can't beat the warm glowing feeling in your cheeks as you walk inside after a long winter mountain hike. A warm mug of soup warming your hands as you fill your tummy with a simple cheese sandwich. Happy Days. 

It is not a coincidence that all the LokoCampers VW California campervans are equipped for all weather. It is on colder days that many of the features and functions can be appreciated.

Is Winter the new Summer for OUR VW CAlifornia Campervans?

1. The thermostatic heating on a timer. Set the heating to come on before you return to the campervan. You don't need electrical hook up to do this as the heating runs off the diesel! You can leave the heater on while watching your kids play football in the rain, while you walk along the beach in the winter or go for a winter bike ride. We love that warm feeling, returning to the VW California when your endorphins are high and you need to warm up. The heating can even be turned on by remote control before you get to the camper....totally awesome. 

2. Designed for Ski & Snowboards. There is a handy hole underneath the passenger seats to slide long luggage through from the boot. If you adventure to the Alps there are many 4 and 5 star award-winning campsites open in the winter catering for skiers and mountain lovers. Many have heated shower and toilet blocks and even ski rooms to leave your boots and skis, and dry rooms for wet gear. However, if you want to ski in a different resort each day the campervan can take you on a skiing adventure.

3. Heated seats. If you've ever experienced heated seats you'll never buy a vehicle without them again. They are the best. The seats have 3 heat settings and warm up much more quickly than the heater or aircon. This is bliss when starting a journey when you forgot to put on the heating in advance. When we pick up sporty friends in shorts or lycra on a cold day they fight for the front seats to warm their butts :)

4. The Kitchen. In fair weather, camping is all about al fresco cooking and eating, and campers rarely make full use of the kitchen. In winter, the whistling camping kettle feels like a real treat. If you've just been crunching through deep snow visiting the shower block, an indoor breakfast is divine.  If you really want, bring a big cosy wool rug, wrap up, and use the seats in the tailgate to brave an al fresco cuppa.

5. Lighting. Shorter winter days mean that we can really appreciate all the lighting features in the campers. Once the sun sets it's time to relax and enjoy the campervan from the inside. There are many internal spotlights so you can set the mood for the evening's entertainment.... don't be rude, I'm thinking board games or cards with the kids.  

6. Sockets. In the summer, reading a kindle, using a laptop or phone seems anti-camping, but in the winter, after braving the elements outside, it seems more acceptable. So the sockets that are out of bounds for the kids in the summer are a sanity-saver in the winter.  Any sockets behind the passenger seats run off the leisure battery and can be used for charging electronic devices. If you're on a health fad bring your nutri-bullet for winter smoothies and soups. Or if you are escaping to write that book and finally have time to watch a movie then you can charge your lap-top.

If you would like to 'try before you buy' a VW California for longer than 4 weeks between December and March please contact us to arrange a longer term rental deal. 

* I love all the Great British seasons and wouldn't want to skip any.